Inupy is meant to be a combination of the tools in Dozer
into a single user panel. The goal is to get something going like the Django
Debug Toolbar


Sendoff if a command line Python script that helps aid in sharing files to
others. You configure a scp connection to a webserver that you can dump files
into and it will scp the file using Paramiko and then return you a http link for
the file you can paste to a user over IM/IRC.


Workit is a direct rip off of Virtualenv Wrapper. My thing is that I wanted
something not tied to Python since I was doing PHP work at the time. I keep it
around since I use it for all sorts of projects, from conf file stuff through
full work projects.

Currently it only works with ZSH, but I’d love to have some Bash fans work on
some good ways to handle the ZSH specific bits.

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